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Quality Control

IDEA people deeply know that quality is not only the way to win customers trust, but also the key to survive from the fierce competition.

We stick to 2 essential ways: First, enhance the staff’s quality consciousness, standardize the quality of behavior, establish the quality culture in the company. Second, always say NO to nonconforming products, not to make and not to deliver substandard products to customers.Improvements to our quality control system has being taken all the way.

1. Up to today, daily and weekly quality meeting has being made.  Bulletin board is using for weekly quality statistics tracking, and specific measurement is taken after each production case to review and improve the quality system. All subnormal happenings are well recorded and backward traceable.

2. Statistics of machine repair, tooling replacement and SOP renew is well made and kept, and backward traceable.

3. Each feedbacks or complaints from customers,QA replies and reacts are well recorded and backward traceable. 

4. Internal audit of quality system activities is being taken at least twice a year, for our quality system improvement sake.

5. A summary review of daily collected customer feedback is taken at end of each year, and evaluation measurement is taken accordingly afterwards.

6. Conducted by quality department, regular quality trainings are taken. Everyone in IDEA Group are ensured to take part in the training.

7. For new technology and new manufacturing process, error corrective and preventive measurements is to be taken into quality control, responsible by Engineering / PP and QA.

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